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E@I – a truly international organisation! We are young people who like to work on various projects involving Education@Internet. E@I promotes international collaboration and communication throughout the world. We host educational projects and meetings to support intercultural learning and the usage of languages and internet technologies.

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E@I serĉas novan volontulon! Se vi estas inter 18- kaj 30-jara, parolas almenaŭ iomete Esperanton, pretas loĝi 10-12 monatojn en Slovakio kaj devenas de eŭropunia lando, vi povas fariĝi volontulo ekde la 1-a de februaro 2016. Legu pli pri tio en nia blogo.


E@I is looking for a new volunteer! If you are between 18 and 30 years old, speak at least some Esperanto, are ready to move to Slovakia for 12 months and come from a country outside Europe, you could become a volunteer starting in March or April. Learn more on our blog.

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